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The Pine Needle Group
Melissa Blackwell

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Melissa Blackwell, Agate


natural, unplolished agate center, natural and dyed (gray pearl) pine needles bound with artificial sinew. The colors in the basket mirror the colors in the beautiful agate center
Melissa Blackwell, Belly Button

Belly Button

handmade ceramic glazed button for center, natural pine needles bound with natural raffia. this basket measures 10.5 inches in diameter. First prize winner, California State Fair, 2002
Melissa Blackwell, Black


dyed black pine needles, dyed purple and gray polished agate center of an irregular shape making the basket oblong instead of round. bound with waxed linen and waxed cotton embroidery thread to reflect the colors in the agate center.
Melissa Blackwell, Blue Green

Blue Green

blue dyed agate center, natural brown and green pine needles, bound with natural and blue waxed linen thread.
Melissa Blackwell,  Liz


lizard sticker on wood base for center, red, green and natural pine needles, bound with grey nylon upholstery thread.

Melissa Blackwell, Dark


large oval reddish brown dyed agate slice center with natural and dyed pine needles, bound with jute and brown waxed linen thread.

Melissa Blackwell is a Member of the Pine Needle Group

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