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Caroll Loomis to Toni Best

Caroll Loomis to Toni Best

Toni wrote about her exchange:

"Its title is Dressed to Dance!

"Here is what Carol says:

'Everything she is made from I have gathered or grown. My little Bay mare donated mane hair. My Auntie and Uncle grow the gourds. I picked and strung Madrone berries for beads. I gathered the cattails just down the road (I live in the country) and my husband threw his jacket over porcupine and was blessed with a few quills (her earrings). She looks as if she is waiting outside the Arbor for her turn to dance.'

(Toni again)...

"This is an absolutely lovely gourd. The head is a mini gourd with a woodburned face. I get such a warm feeling from it. "

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