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Jan Harmon to Lin Karrels

Jan Harmon to Lin KarrelsJan wrote about her basket to Lin:

"It is a dish-shaped basket made of navy blue, Rit-dyed Torrey Pineneedles coiled with artificial sinew. The center is a gold Sacajewea coin. The design was added after the basket was finished. Next time, I will add the design as I build the basket. I think I will have more creative flexibily that way."

Lin wrote about her new basket:

"Jan wove a coiled basket of navy blue-dyed Torrey pine needles, wrapped in black sinew with red geometric accents, but the amazing thing about this basket is that the start is a Saccajawea (sp???) quarter! I haven't a clue how she trapped this quarter into the start of red sinew and am hoping she will post this for all of us.

"Jan also sent what she called a "dime-in-necklace" which is a very, very small basket coiled of natural sinew. The basket has a lid with a small bead to hold the lid closed. The basket is strung from a neck cord from the side of the basket and the lid facing front (a rough description would be how a pocket watch looks), when you open the lid, a dime is enclosed within the basket, which is exactly the size of that dime. Just really too cool."

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