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Shari Morningstar to Lynn Hoyt

Shari Morningstar to Lynn HoytLynn wrote about her basket:

"I received my beautiful exchange basket "Guardians" this weekend from Shari Morning Star. The lid features a cabochon set in resin, with a howling wolf and it's pack against a moonlit timber line. It turned out great! The bowl part is coiled on a wood base with a wolf paw print painted in black. The basket has a lovely shape. Shari used black waxed linen to bind with, and her stitching has a very strong, bold look that I love.

"A neat thing that Shari did was to include a gift of tobacco inside, 'for starting your personal collection of good luck pieces to treasure.' She tells me that this is a gift of good medicine, a tradition from the Chippewa part of her heritage. How lovely. She signed the basket with "Guardians", Morning Star, and the date on the bottom."
Shari Morningstar to Lynn Hoyt

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