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Jeanie Pfantz to Jamie McGuire

Stir Fried Vegetables

2 tablespoons oil
a variety of vegetables, such as garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, peppers, zucchini...
2-3 tablespoons sauce or marinade, such as peanut sauce, Chinese Marinade, Teriyaki...

Prepard vegetables by slicing into even shapes. Heat oil in a wok or saute pan. Add vegetable slices and cook and stir several minutes on high heat to your desired doneness. Add sauce, stir, and serve.

Jeanie Pfantz to Jamie McGuireHere is what Jamie says about her new basket:

" It is coiled out of Red Osier Dogwood (which by the way, I do not believe I have ever seen here in Oregon) and stiched (in wheat stitch)with black artificial sinew. There are also pussywillows and maple buds coiled in. The start of the coil on the inside of the basket and the top of the lid have the caps from the tops of acorns (right, Jeanie?) The color of the dogwood is such a rich, warm color! I wish you all could smell it too!! I would describe it as (slightly fruity) sweet and spicy. This basket definately pleases all the senses!"

Jeanie Pfantz to Jamie McGuireJeanie Pfantz to Jamie McGuireJeanie Pfantz to Jamie McGuire Pine Needle Group Logo, created by Carol Antrim