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Coiled by Dorothy Etzel for Pamela Zimmerman

Coiled by Dorothy Etzel for Pamela ZimmermanThe basket is sweet grass stitched with natural raffia. It is fashioned after Native American treasure baskets which were often used to store a baby's umbilical cord or any other special treasure. The embellishment is a Chinese coin, an amber bead, and three pheasant feathers.

Carefully slicing the tape on the edge, the smell is what hit me overwhelming scent - that dry, refreshing, everlasting summer sort of smell...making my heart beat faster. There was a note on top, very simple, a description of the "Sweetgrass Treasure Basket" and "I hope you like it." Is she kidding? Gingerly lifting the wads of white paper inside, I come to it, on the is amazing! My outstretched thumb and index fingers can encircle it at the widest point. It is about 4 1/2" wide, about 3 1/2 inches tall (measuring with my eyes, now)...a vase type shape, with slightly fluted rim, filled with a royal velvet bag. The lid, simple, round perfection, with an offset accent - three impossibly slender amber/raffia colored pheasant feathers. Fixed somehow so they appear to have just fallen, splayed only enough to see each feather's separateness, and dipping falling lower, like a flag. Their end is covered with a Chinese coin - the kind with a hole through the middle, which in turn has a round amber bead on top. Wonderful! Bound in raffia, in perfect stitches, coiled of brown pine needles and rich with sweetgrass...this is feast for the senses, a treasure in every way.

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