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Coiled by Carol Miller for Giselle Ladouceur

Coiled by Carol Miller for Giselle Ladouceur I received the most delicate little basket from Carol Miller today! Ohmygoodness, I swear to you that I never knew that it was possible to make such tiny coils and such delicate, little stitches. Carol used a birchbark base to start the basket and each coil must only have one or two bundles of needles in it. There are a zillion little stitches in the basket and some of the needles has the shaft left on them for a visual decorative touch. WOW! When I thought about it I realized that this is the first time that I've ever held a pine needle basket made by someone else. My baskets look large and clumsy by comparison. I use coils about the size of a pencil. I'm going to have to try and do something delicate like this but I have little hope that I can manage to do anything so teeny and fine and perfectly executed! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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