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Coiled by Kendra K. Davis for Dorothy EtzelCoiled by Kendra K. Davis for Dorothy Etzel

Kendra will post another page, with more photos...but her server is temporarily for now, here it is....I have received the basket from Kendra. It is very creative...long leaf needles, lavender, and flower pods. Unique. She calls it "Last Lavender": I think it was also a valuable experience. She discovered that she is allergic to lavender so this is the last basket she will make from lavender!

This gourd piece is titled "Cinderella's Slipper". It is made with long leaf pine needles, domestic linen, and plastic Mardi Gras beads, woven onto a dyed gourd which I sealed with clear acrylic varnish on the inside and acrylic varnish which I added iridescent tinting medium to on the outside [ all purplish - the color of a good egg plant]. This is supposed to look as if Cinderella's Slipper was caught in mid-metamorphosis from a gourd (like her carriage was a pumpkin).

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