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Coiled by Sue Cowell for KJ Hartsog

Coiled by Sue Cowell for KJ HartsogI love this basket. It was inspired by Sue's niece that belongs to a Hawiian Dance Troup. The basket has a hula skirt! It measures about 9 inches in diameter and three inches high. It has greenish needles for most of the body accented by wine colored needles in the bottom and a stripe around the inside. The out side has a hula skirt of brown wool and cotton rug yarn that sets off the texture of the basket so well. Sue's stitching with artificial sinew is so perfectly spaced. I must try this artificial sinew for myself. The basket is so strong and it doesn't appear to have been treated in any way. It smells so good with the cotton, wool and pine needle combination.
Coiled by Sue Cowell for KJ HartsogCoiled by Sue Cowell for KJ Hartsog Pine Needle Group Logo, created by Carol Antrim