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Coiled by Toni Best for Lynn Hoyt

Coiled by Toni Best for Lynn HoytI had just gotton back from a grueling day of shopping and lunch with some friends (ha!), to find a package from Toni Best waiting on the table for me.

There was no time wasted as I tore open the box. Inside was the coolest, most unusual and beautiful gourd basket!

Coiled by Toni Best for Lynn Hoyt I am so thrilled-- all along I had secretly hoped for something funky and my wish has come true!! It starts from a small rounded but malformed gourd- kind of knarled and knobby, and puckered up with indentations. It looks like Toni applied a dark bluish dye that darkened the markings but left the brown shell visible as well. There are 7 coils wonderfully V-stitched with blue waxed linen thread (I think it's waxed linen.) She artfully made some of the coils float and dip down. Three limpet shells with matching blue interiors cascade down the gourd and she added 3 turquoise scarabs and beads of glass and bone(?), bound with a squigly blue thread. Inside loose there were some beautiful shells and stones. When I took them out I saw that this is one of those gourds that has a smooth pearly looking interior, but feels like suede to the touch! Coiled by Toni Best for Lynn Hoyt

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